December 10, 2023

Will Homelander finally lose control in ‘The Boys‘ this week?!

After four stellar episodes, the burning question on everybody’s lips is when will Homelander finally lose it? So far, the irritable Supe has been struggling to hold things together in ‘The Boys‘ season two, and with Stormfront arriving to turn the screw, the leader of The Seven is gradually becoming unhinged. So, will episode five be that moment when he finally loses control and goes rogue?


The preview for the Amazon Prime Video series’ fifth episode offers up a tantalizing taste of things to come and reveals the return of Butcher’s dog Terror, as well as Homelander finally succumbing to his deepening rage and slaughtering a crowd of civilians with his laser vision…

The fallout from last week‘s episode continues with Butcher (Karl Urban) being tracked down by Black Noir which appears to lead to a one-on-one confrontation between the pair. Homelander, still reveling in his murder of Doppelganger appears to be escalating his antics by leaving scores of civilians charred, and Butcher’s dog Terror makes a welcome return. The adorable Bulldog had a substantial role in the comics, and his reintroduction to the series will give hope to fans everywhere that his return will be a lengthy one.


Season 2 has been incredible so far, and we’ve loved every diabolical second of it. Our “Episode 5” review will be up shortly – in the meantime, be sure to add a dose of Compound-V to your watchlist and settle in for a Friday night with The Boys!


The Boys: Season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video NOW.


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