Max shares his reaction The Mandalorian season 2 trailer

So the trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2 finally dropped this week. It wasn’t very long but it did have some interesting things. From what it seems, Mando has a new mission. Deliver the Child to the Jedi or whatever is left of them. He learns for the first time his people warred with them and doesn’t seem too keen to hand over his ward to “the enemy”.


This is understandable and I hope Baby Yoda does get to be with the Jedi and NOT reveal his species or homeworld. Yoda’s species origins should remain a mystery until the end of time. Some things that stood out to me where. The mysterious stranger in the marketplace.

Mando flying between 2 X-Wings. Mando on an old school fishing boat. Finally, Mando participating in what appears to be a shock boxing tournament.

Everything looks good, just very standard and I am surprised there was no live-action reveals of any “new” character. Perhaps that is a good thing and Favreau did not clog it with tons of fan service. I think it’s awesome, Mando is looking for the Jedi and rubbing elbows with the New Republic and I REALLY want to know why he is on a fishing boat.

This trailer manages to come off as extremely standard but if you look more closely; it is full of tons of things to speculate about.


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