Marvel has finally found its She-Hulk!

At long last, Marvel appears to have found its She-Hulk! Deadline has reported that Tatiana Maslany has signed on to play the title character and will now get ready to hulk up for Disney+.  Best known for her Emmy-winning role in Orphan Black, Maslany was recently seen in HBO’s Perry Mason opposite Matthew Rhys, a role for which she received critical acclaim. She is now tipped to hulk up alongside MCU mainstay Mark Ruffalo in the Disney+ series.

Tatiana Maslany

Hot on the heels of the initial report, Mark Ruffalo took to social media in support of Maslany’s casting:

In the Marvel comics, Jennifer Walters was a young woman who received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, who just so happens to be Bruce Banner. As a result of this transfusion of radioactive blood, Jennifer found that she could transform into a large, powerful green-skinned version of herself, but unlike her cousin, she’s able to retain much of her intelligence and emotional control.

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This is wonderful news. With the world on the brink of another global lockdown – positive news is in short supply and with WandaVision finally confirmed to be arriving this December and Maslany now cast as She-Hulk, the Disney+ Marvel Universe is back on track!


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(Source: Deadline)


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