November 26, 2022
John Cena as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad

James Gunn to write all 8 episodes for HBO Max’s ‘The Suicide Squad‘ prequel series

It has just been confirmed that James Gunn and John Cena will reunite to produce a Suicide Squad prequel series based on the “Peacemaker” character soon to be introduced in Gunn’s sequel/reboot.

HBO Max has given a straight-to-series order for the show and has tapped the film’s writer and director, James Gunn, to write the series and direct multiple episodes. Cena will also serve as a co-executive producer in addition to headlining the show. The plot of the series is being kept under wraps for the time being, but it is rumored to explore the beginnings of the Peacemaker character, a man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

Production is slated to begin in early 2021


“’ Peacemaker’ is an opportunity to delve into current world issues through the lens of this superhero/supervillain/and world’s biggest douchebag,” Gunn said. “I’m excited to expand ‘The Suicide Squad’ and bring this character from the DC film universe to the full breadth of a series. And of course, to be able to work again with John, Peter, and my friends at Warner Bros. is the icing on the cake.”

John Cena added, “I have said before that it has been a tremendous honor and an incredible opportunity to be part of The Suicide Squad and to work with James on what is going to be a fantastic movie. I am unbelievably excited to have the chance to team up with him again for Peacemaker. We can’t wait for fans to see this.”

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HBO Max is already home to DC Universe features like Doom PatrolHarley QuinnTitansSwamp ThingStargirl, and Young Justice; and Peacemaker will fit right in! Could this be the first of many origin series’ for the characters of The Suicide Squad? Only time will tell.


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