December 4, 2022

Max checks out the outrageous ‘South Park‘ Pandemic Special

South Park is back and it came back with a bang for an hour-long “Pandemic Special”. Throughout the entire special, the special is referenced in that oh so perfect break-the 4th-wall South Park, as the Pandemic Special is Randy Marsh’s marijuana sale. Do we really need this right now, Randy? Yes, we do.

South Park Pandemic Special | Comedy Central


The episode touches and connects brilliantly all the problems we are facing in 2020 right now. The desperate search for a vaccine, mask controversy, Trump’s inaction, police brutality, change of life stress, and many many more. The story begins with Cartman who is enjoying the isolation and manipulating Zoom so he doesn’t have to participate in school. For someone who loves not going anywhere, I sorta relate with Cartman. Cartman also enforces the 6 feet mandate in a very humorous South Park way and uses it as an excuse to be a jerk. He is super content but then, skoooool is back in person and he is not happy. Plus, the teachers (who have refused to return to the classroom) are now the police officers. They enact the draconian rule in the school and when they shoot a student; they satire the belief that everything is COVID-related and quarantine the kids in the school until the “outbreak” is contained. Yet my favorite part of the episode is Randy finding out that he is responsible for the pandemic and he needs to cover his tracks so the scientists don’t pinpoint it to him.


Randy is one of the biggest idiots in the cartoon universe and seeing him panic was hilarious. He is still selling marijuana and regrets hyping his “special” so much. Stan Marsh, the Everyman of the show also highlights how many people are feeling about this pandemic right now. They just want Life to go back to normal and will do whatever it takes to have some semblance of normalcy. The episode ends in darkness and the blackest humor I’ve seen on the show in years. So many people were hurt and offended and their deaths were put front and center in a twisted comical fashion.


South Park is the work of a truly deranged genius who weaves a story of woe and topical events into a horror story.  Also, they were very lucky that Randy DID visit China in the last season; setting everything up even though, of course, nobody knew the outbreak would originate in China. The underlying mainframe of this episode is also the fact that the vaccine may not arrive and even if it does- it may not work permanently and have side effects. Or it might be torched by Donald Trump, uh I mean, Mr. Garrison. I can tell Trey Parker is very angry with the world right now and this special proves it.



I want to see how this season continues to progress and I am sure they will link the episodes like they have been doing for the last half-decade or so. I give it an A+ because I like dark humor BUT if this pandemic is affecting your mental health in any way; viewer discretion is advised.


South Park is currently showing on Comedy Central.


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