December 6, 2022
Mafex Batman Hush Review

Aside from the fabric cape, this incarnation of Batman is a figure not to be missed!

After a series of unwelcome delays, the Medicom Toy Mafex Batman action figure from the Batman: Hush animated movie (read our review) has finally started to hit the shelves. Fans and collectors had high hopes for this figure but the well-documented quality control issues troubling the Mafex line of late made many of us understandably apprehensive.

First Look | DC Comics Batman: Hush (Medicom: MAFEX No.105)

With the figure finally hitting the market, it’s time to find out if it was worth the wait, and today I’ll be opening the box of Jim Lee’s Dark Knight and sharing my thoughts with you. So dust off your cape and slip into your super suit and join me in Gotham City…

Batman (Batman: Hush) | MAFEX Medicom Toys

First off let me start by saying that I love this figure. There is just something about the sculpt that just resonates with the Batman fan in me – but the finished product is drastically let down by the fabric cape. I know there are MANY supporters in the collector’s community for fabric capes – but I am not one of them. More on that later. first up let’s address the packaging.

Mafex has knocked this one out of the park. The stunning blue tone of the packaging accentuates the facade of the figure to perfection and Jim Lee’s beautiful artwork is plastered all over the box’s interior. I can’t stress how cool this is. As soon as you remove the figure, Jim Lee’s Batman from the iconic comic book is revealed in all its glory. It’s pretty damn cool!


The figure itself is equally awesome. The set comes with 14 interchangeable hands, 3 interchangeable heads (2 Batman and 1 Bruce Wayne), 4 Batarangs, 2 grappling hooks, and the usual MAFEX stand.  We get three alternate fascial expressions with the changeable heads. The first Batman head depicts the Dark Knight with gritted teeth, the second has an equally stern face and the third is a Bruce Wayne head sculpt complete with an interchangeable neck joint.

Mafex Batman Hush Review

The head sculpts are sensational and have perfectly recreated the character from the animated movie. Recreating an animated character is often fraught with inaccuracies – but with Batman/Bruce Wayne, MAFEX has nailed it!


The outfit itself is a pure work of art. It’s beautiful and the finished polish on the tights truly resembles the classic Batman incarnations from Jim Lee’s artwork. Another quality addition is the finish on the cowl, gloves, and boots. It has a welcome leather-like finish that feels realistic. The same goes for the utility belt. I love the fine detail added to it. The compartments look like they could hold several of the Dark Knight’s iconic gadgets, though they don’t open at all.

Mafex Batman Hush Review

As far as articulation goes, and the figure doesn’t disappoint. The figure is fully poseable with multiple joints that allow you to achieve a plethora of unique poses – so the Dark Knight can be set in almost any pose your mind can come up with.


Onto the accessories, and this figure is a big win for the fans. The hands accommodate almost every pose you can come up with. We have open hands, closed fists, clawed fists, and even a set of hands devoted to Batman’s use of the grappling hook. The Batarangs are a little less impressive. They’re pretty basic but they do have a pleasing silver metallic finish which makes up for any disappointment. Sadly, for me, the one detraction from this set is the soft goods fabric cape. As mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of cotton capes simply due to the amount of dust they accumulate over time. I prefer the consistency of plastic capes  – not one that changes with the wind. It’s a personal preference, and this cape doesn’t do it for me!


Overall, MAFEX has knocked this one out of the park. If not for the cotton cape this figure would be right up there with the best of the best. But with the fabric cape not floating my boat, it loses points. That being said, the figure itself is exceptional and is more than worthy of being added to any collection. If you can see past the fabric cape, this figure would make the perfect addition to your shelf, and with Catwoman, Superman, Hush, and The Joker all heading our way in the next twelve months – this line will only get better!

Catwoman (Batman: Hush) Announced By Medicom MAFEX

Keep up the good work MAFEX. The Batman: Hush Batman figure is AWESOME!

Want to watch this figure being unboxed? We’ve got you covered. Click here!


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