First Look Superman (Batman: Hush) Medicom: MAFEX

The iconic Man of Steel from Batman: Hush is coming to the Mafex range

We are delighted to bring you word that Medicom Toys will be adding the iconic Man Of Steel from Batman: Hush to its incredible Mafex line-up in the new year. The character plucked from the pages of the beloved graphic novel drawn by comic book legend Jim Lee was unveiled in the all-new animated movie from the incredible team at Warner Bros. Animation and will now be making his way into our respective action figure collections.


The mind-blowing figure boasts incredible sculpting, shading, a dynamic cloth cape and incredible articulation making this figure a must-have for all Superman/Batman fans. The set contains the typical assortment of alternate heads we’ve come to expect from Mafex. It will also include a hand with Kryptonite ring to go attach to the Batman Hush figure set for release this coming April.

First Look | DC Comics Batman: Hush (Medicom: MAFEX No.105)

Once again, Medicom appears to have outdone themselves. Superman looks incredible and boasts an incredible level of detail. The colourization on the costume, the cape and the shading are top notch making this figure one of the hottest pre-orders around. Pre-orders are already live in Japan and the figure is selling for ¥7800 (approx. $72 USD) with delivery expected in July 2020.

Get your order in early. The Man of Steel waits for nobody!


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