The Addams Family: The Art of the Animated Movie

They’re creepy, kooky, and back for a sequel!

MGM has confirmed that Halloween 2021 will have a familiar ring to it. Yes, they’re creepy and they’re kooky and they’re back for a sequel. The Addams Family will be returning to haunt multiplexes in 2021 (assuming they’re open of course).

The Addams Family 1

The studio has unveiled the first teaser and poster for the project and a Halloween release date which has been penciled in for October 22. The poster is a gloriously warm yellow one-sheet with the suitably morbid Wednesday Addams saying  “A sequel. How original.” Check it out below:


Co-directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, the 2019 animated incarnation of The Addams Family reinvigorated the franchise for a whole new generation of fans and followed the travails of the most macabre family on the planet as they readjust to becoming neighbors to a suburban American town.

Check out the announcement teaser:

The movie was a fun, iconography packed rollercoaster ride and featured many callbacks to the original series, as well as the live-action big-screen adaptation of the 90s. The animation was rich and vivid, as evidenced in the incredible The Addams Family: The Art of the Animated Movie from Titan Books (read our review). The volume was a glorious window into the design and palette of the movie and if the sequel can maintain the aesthetics of the original, fans could be in for one helluva fun ride!

The Addams Family: The Art of the Animated Movie Cover

With Halloween this year all but canceled thanks to the COVID pandemic, it is most uplifting to hear that some movies remain on track. Animation studios have the luxury of working via remote studios setups and advanced “work from home” software and thanks to these remarkable innovations, 2021 will still have a trick or treat season – with a heavy impetus on the treat!

Now, if I can only get the theme tune out of my head!!!


The Addams Family: The Art of the Animated Movie by Ramin Zahed is published by Titan Books and is available to buy NOW!


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