December 4, 2023
Star Wars Squadrons

Max checks out EA’s FREE Star Wars: Squadrons short story

A pleasant surprise was given to us today in the form of a short story that ties into the much-hyped and beloved Star Wars: Squadrons game. Published by EA on their site on October 8th, this story by Joanna Berry was short but incredibly well written.

Star Wars: The Light You Bring | By Joanna Berry

Star Wars Squadrons

We are introduced to two New Republic pilots. A Miriam named Keo and Trandoshan named Frisk. Both are likable characters and apparently, similar to Pa’auns; some Mirialians refer to themselves as they and them. Very interesting. Anyway, the two friends are briefed by a Mon Cal to perform a stealth mission to retrieve an astromech with important intel. Keo flies an A-Wing and is a young, deep thinker and Frisk is a loveable rebel who feels out of place in this new New Republic. Keo reminds Frisk that the New Republic exists to include everyone but Frisk prefers being a Rebel. The New Republic is probably one of the worst governments portrayed in any work of fiction and I can’t help but agree with him.


The two friends get to a Cluozon gas space station and encounter a human Imperial named Relkin. Relkin is a xenophobic jerk and his disdain towards aliens is a great callback to Jason Fry’s plot point of racism in the Edge of the Empire series. He remembers Keo from his days as a racer and nurses a grudge for him as he beat Relkin and prevented him from joining the Imperial navy when he wanted to. He got stuck working as a data pusher. Hah! In typical Imperial fashion, Relkin tries to kill them and they briefly escape. What sets this story apart is that Keo tricks Relkin into having a racing re-match in exchange for their freedom. It’s a great ploy and they race on the ice moon the station is situated near.



This was a cute fun little story and not just something to hype up an already proved-to-be-awesome read. I recommend reading it. It’s free for Pete’s sake. AND KILLIKS ARE CANON NOW. SPREAD THE WORD!!


Star Wars: The Light You Bring by Joanna Berry is available to read for free on the EA Star Wars website.


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