December 6, 2022

Make the Kessel Run with Thomas and unpack the awesome deluxe Han Solo Hot Toys figure

It took some time for this figure to be released but Han Solo from Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally here! There are two different versions – the standard one and the deluxe version that comes with the snow gear. Both are extremely popular figures and are already on the waitlist at Sideshow Collectibles, the official Hot Toys distributor.

This figure comes with plenty of accessories – the famous dice, a watch, Han’s blaster, a grappling belt, 4 pilots gloved hands, 3 hands, 3 snow gloves hands, snow glasses, a snow coat, an additional piece of hair for the glasses, a scarf, additional hand joints, a basic stand with a sand base and a snow base.

Let’s start with the headsculpt, the first pictures of the final product had me skeptical but seeing it in hands, I’m really happy about it! So Young Lee crafted a wonderful sculpt, it is spot on Alden Ehrenreich. I will always be amazed by the work done by Hot Toys sculptors! The hairpieces are easily detachable, it works with magnets.

The basic outfit is great. I love it when Han has long sleeve jackets. The jacket is in suede fabric like in the movie. The belt is the same model as the A New Hope Han Solo except, it’s a lighter brown while the pants are darker colors. The boots have a dirt effect, I love it when brands include small details like this, it makes all the difference!

The snow gear is tricky to put on, so be patient and follow carefully the instruction sheet. Though, once it’s on, it’s marvelous! Solo: A Star Wars Story brought the fur back in Star Wars fashion and let’s be honest, it’s the best for snow outfits! Hot Toys isn’t using real fur, it’s faux-fur. This is a wonderful outfit and I’m so glad, they decided to include it with this figure!

This figure has over 30 points of articulation, so you can pose him in any classic Han action poses!

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With Solo: A Star Wars Story being in my top 3 Star Wars movies, I’m incredibly satisfied with what Hot Toys has given us for this figure! It is a must-buy for me! Now we just need a Qi’ra and Lando figure from the movie!


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