December 9, 2022

Thomas reveals everything you need to know about The Mandalorian Beskar Armor figure from Figuarts

The Child needs his protector, and S.H. Figuarts has got us covered with their new Mandalorian Beskar figure! This one has an insane amount of accessories – 12 interchangeable hands, 1 flamethrower arm effect, one missile launcher arm effect, one jetpack, flying jetpack effects, one holster with the blaster in it, one empty holster, one blaster pistol, one vibro knife, one pulse rifle, one pulse rifle effect, pulse rifle interchangeable parts and interchangeable shoulder protection with the clan of two signet.

This is the ultimate Mandalorian figure – at least for season 1! It comes with all the accessories used by the character. One of the hands even features the tracking fob. They even improved the pulse rifle by adding an electricity effect part with it, how cool is that? Flamethrower effect, missile effect, jetpack flying effects, so many effects included, that’s what Figuarts does and I love it! The weapons are also all beautifully sculpted and painted with great care for details! You can still attach the pulse rifle to the back or feature the figure without it, it’s up to you!

The beskar armor is magnificent, they used a beautiful metallic paint even for the jetpack! The soft-goods cape allows the jetpack to be put properly in the back, unlike the Hasbro version.

It has 36 points of articulation so you’re in for the best action poses! Even the shoulder pads are articulated so it doesn’t restrict the articulation range and the same goes for the little things on the legs (I have no idea what it’s called), it allows a full leg articulation!

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I have only good things to say about this figure, it is a must-buy!


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