Just in time for Season 2 – Thomas unpacks the adorable new Baby Yoda figure from Bandai’s Mandalorian collection!

The star of the Emmy award-winning series finally has its own S.H. Figuarts figure! Yes, I’m talking about The Child! And I do have a lot to say about it!

This one comes with the Pram and its stand, three interchangeable heads, two additional arms, a blanket, and the famous bowl of soup.  In terms of accessories, Figuarts did a great job, I love that they included the pram and a blanket to go with it! It is nicely sculpted and can be opened or closed. The bowl of soup is also much appreciated, especially how famous it became with all the memes flooding the internet when the episode aired!

The figure is something else. Visually, it’s just so cute and wonderful! I love that they included three head sculpts, they are lovely – a normal face, an angry face, and a sleepy face. The use of soft goods is also much appreciated because it’s useful in the pram. They also used some plastic for the collar and the cuffs, it does seem like a nice blend between soft goods and plastic.

The problem and it is a big one – changing the arms and the heads, it is so difficult because, underneath the soft goods, it is a skeleton and not a sculpted body so it is extremely shaky and doesn’t leave any space for support when you try to attach the head/arms. So my advice is to choose a head and arms, put them in place, and then don’t change them!


The figure has 5 points of articulation – the arms, the head, and the legs/feet. More would have been too much trouble considering how tiny this figure is.

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A great looking figure with nice accessories but the interchangeable parts are way too difficult to attach to the figure!


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