February 2, 2023

Toho‘s burning colossal kaiju has been recreated in stunning detail by the team at X-Plus

X-Plus is on a roll just now. Just hours after they unveiled our first look at the glorious new Cyclops statue from the 7th Voyage Of Sinbad, they are back with another first look – this time they are focussing on the mighty Godzilla.

First seen during the finale of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (read our review), the statue depicts the iconic moment when the mighty kaiju absorbs the power of Mothra to morph into a turbocharged behemoth capable of taking down King Ghidorah.  As his core temperature continues to rise, Godzilla turns into a molten powerhouse and unleashes a thermonuclear blast which obliterates his deadly opponent.

Check out our awesome gallery below:

This gorgeous PVC statue stands over 10.5″ tall, and measures nearly 19″ from head-to-tail.  The statue, which is available to pre-order now is priced at 19, 250 Yen (about $183 USD), and is expected to hit the shelves in March 2021.

What a perfect primer for the release of Godzilla vs Kong next year. The monster verse smackdown is now set to hit multiplexes on May 21, 2021 – and in this universe KONG IS KING!!


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Source: Bandai


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