Thomas unpacks the new Steve Rogers figure from the epic Cap vs Cap fight in Endgame!

S.H. Figuarts’ latest release is another figure from their Avengers Endgame line! This time it’s Captain America, the Cap vs Cap edition so if you want the complete set to recreate the classic fight scene, you need to buy two. Like most of this line, this figure is a Bandai Web Premium exclusive!

This one comes with a lot of great accessories – 2 Steve Rogers heads, 1 Captain America head (and neck), 14 interchangeable hands (including one with the Peggy Carter medallion), 4 shield handles, Captain’s shield, and throwing shield effects.

This is the first time we are getting this outfit from S.H. Figuarts and they nailed it. It has beautiful paint apps and a great range of articulation – 26 points of articulation. They even got the small details correct – the top part of the helmet is a darker blue than the rest of the neck part.

They even repainted the shield to match its 2012 colors. The throwing effects are a cool feature, it’s what I love about Figuarts!

New outfit, new figure also means – new headsculpt! We got two this time – an angry/fighting version and a basic version (plus the Captain sculpt). Even the angry version came out a lot better than how it looked in the promotional pictures! They did a great job with it, I’m satisfied!

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A great new addition to the ever-expanding Avengers Endgame line!


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