Max checks out EA’s second FREE Star Wars: Squadrons short story

To even the score, EA released another short story by Joanna Berry on their website; but this time it’s through the eyes of two Imperial pilots.

Star Wars Squadrons: Count To Three | By Joanna Berry

Star Wars Squadrons

Berry’s writing style is recognized by me easily in this story. It starts with a character thinking to himself. In this case, it’s Shen, a cyborg TIE pilot who was injured in an attack on an Imperial Quasar cruiser. Shen is a survivor. Nothing seems to be enough to kill him and when he gets injured; they just continue to upgrade him. He gets impaled in the chest but because he’s a cyborg and well trained; feels no pain. He journeys across the damaged cruiser to rescue fully organic wingmate, Havin Vonreg.


Vonreg is fiery and passionate; a strong contrast between the cool, calm, and collected Shen. Vonreg has lost everything to the New Republic and you can’t help but sympathize with her, even though she is a “bad guy”. There are heroes on all sides in every war and this is a perfect example. Shen and Vonreg escape the damaged cruiser and discover that an IMPERIAL space station fired on it. Why? Read to find out but two words come to mind. Green incompetence. It is not anyone’s fault, but it still causes damage and Vonreg almost loses her cool until Shen calms her down. Sometimes it’s better to have fewer emotions when fighting a war and I admire Shen’s dedication and logical examinations of things. Vonreg has been hurt and is as young and inexperienced as the “enemy.” She needs to learn to slow down.



Joanna Berry is a very good writer and this story seems like the second side of a coin compared to its sister story. That, however, doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable; ergo it is much more “utilitarian” than the last one. Star Wars Squadrons plays both sides of the fence in the Galactic Civil War, so it’s only natural we get two viewpoint stories. I recommend giving it a read. It’s free and you have nothing to lose. B+


Star Wars: Count To Three by Joanna Berry is available to read for free on the EA Star Wars website.


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