December 6, 2022

Get ready for 35 tracks of Star Wars awesomeness – including a super-deluxe end credits suite

This IS how the Force works!

Star Wars composer John Powell has taken to social media to reveal the tracklisting for his upcoming and hotly anticipated deluxe expanded score for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Taking to his official Facebook page, Powell revealed the reverse cover art for the digital ONLY soundtrack which details the entire contents of the score in all its glory.

Check out the tracklist below:


1. Meet Han (1m1)
2. Bunk / Proxima (1m2-3)
3. Corellia Chase (1m4-5)
4. Spaceport (1m6-7)
5. Gonna Be a Pilot (1m8)
6. Empire Recruitment (1m9)
7. Mimban Battle (1m10a-b)
8. Blackmail (1m11)
9. The Beast (2m12)
10. Chewie Untamed (2m13)
11. Surveying Conveyex (2m14)
12. Deluxe Train Heist (2m15-16a-b-c)
13. Walk to Dryden’s (3m17)
14. Chicken in the Pot (3m18s) feat. Baraka May & Reid Bruton
15. Han & Qi’Ra Reunite (3m19)
16. Stormtrooper JP-054 Karaoke (3m20s) feat. John Powell
17. Dryden’s Patience is Tested (3m21-22-23)
18. Card Room (3m24)
19. Sabacc Game (3m25)
20. L3 & Millennium Falcon (3m26)
21. Family Stories (4m27)
22. Lando’s Closet (4m28)
23. Trust No One (4m29)
24. Oksana Floren, Yadaa Yadaa Yadaa(4m30a)
25. Extra Deluxe Mine Mission (4m30b-5m30c-31)
26. Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs (5m32-33a-b-c)
27. Savareen Tent (6m34)
28. Enfys’ Stand-Off (6m35)
29. Qi’Ra Knows A Bit More Than Han (6m36-37-38)
30. Double-Double Cross (6m39-40)
31. Dryden’s Long, Long Fight (6m41-42)
32. Maul’s Call / Parting Ways (7m43-44-45)
33. Lando’s Jungle Room (7m46s)
34. Sabacc Rematch / To Tatooine (7m47-48)
35. Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite (7mEC)


Here’s the official reveal:

This is incredible news! John Powell produced a score worthy of following in the footsteps of John Williams and this long-awaited expanded score is most welcome. And if that isn’t enough to have you dancing around the campfire like a Tusken Raider at a Bantha barbecue – the score will include the full unedited end credits suite for the very first time.

Sadly, there is no official release date except for the vague “Coming Soon” label attached – but with just a couple of months left of the year – we could be adding this wonderful edition to our respective collections sooner rather than later.


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