Batwoman gets a seriously cool personalized Batmobile for her second season!

Filming on Batwoman Season 2 is still plodding along at pace in Vancouver and despite the secrecy around the series, a recent set video has revealed or first look at Javicia Leslie‘s new Batmobile!


Although Ruby Rose was predominantly seen riding a motorcycle in Season One, it seems that the new season will revert to Bat-tradition and introduce a customized ride for Javicia Leslie‘s first outing at the crimson caped crusader.  The video reveals a customized black car with red highlights and the iconic red Batwoman symbol on the hood racing through the streets.

Check out the video below:

And if that isn’t enough to have you yelling “To the Batmobile!” with glee, a few juicy set images were also revealed.

How cool is this! The Batmobile is making a stellar return to the CWVerse and with its suitably cool red under-glow, it looks sensational. We do not indicate that this vehicle WILL BE named the Batmobile – but given its a Bat-series full of Bat-iconography with a Bat-vehicle – IT’S A Batmobile!!!

All in all Batwoman Season 2 is shaping up to be a stellar reinvention of the character, and with a Batmobile racing through the streets of Gotham once again excitement will be at an all-time high come January!

Bring it on!


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