Feast your eyes on this glorious Joker figure from Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line

This is sure to a smile on your face!

Kaiyodo has tantalized us with new photos and details for their upcoming DC Comics – The Joker Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech 6″ Scale Figure. Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime has been lovingly recreated in impressive detail and comes with two interchangeable faces, several interchangeable hands, a machine gun, toy guns, a cane, bullet effects pieces, a denture bomb, laughter effects pieces, and a figure stand.

What tips this figure over the edge is the inclusion of moveable eyes which you can adjust with a pick (included in the set) to get the best poses. Check out the awesome gallery below:

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Here’s the official line:

  • The fifth DC character, the Joker, who boasts an immovable position as a villain in the American comics world, is finally here.
  • The relationship with Batman, which has been delved into in many masterpiece comics, is not just justice and evil, but a deep work, a truly fateful enemy! Introducing a bold movable arrangement to the flashy color tailcoat style, three-dimensional with an unexpected range of motion.
  • The unique movement of Katsuhisa Yamaguchi’s prototype allows for a wide range of poses, with the bold composition that divides the left and right sides of the jacket, allowing you to spread your arms and show off your existence and embrace your body as if you were suffering. The tail of the tailcoat can also be flipped up by the movable joint to create an action.
  • The paint and the contrast between the white skin and the green hair are vivid, and the face with an indelible smile is a true finish with deep wrinkles and stains!

The figure is priced at 8,300 Yen in Japan (roughly $79) and is expected to be hitting shelves at the end of March 2021.

Okay, this incarnation of The Joker looks exceptional – but can it compare to the Batman Hush version of the character being produced by MAFEX? That’s a tough call, but I know where my money is going!

Will you be adding the Clown Prince of Crime to your collection? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.


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