December 6, 2022

Carl unpacks the glorious new Lightsaber volume from Titan Books

Star Wars book gods, I bow down before you!

Of all the books that could have been written or produced, one that focuses on all the Lightsabers seen throughout the franchise and all its incarnations is one that has to be seen and read to be believed. To say that I was excited and overwhelmed to pick it up and read it while marveling at the visual depictions of them all would be an understatement. I could spend hours looking at them in all their glory, looking at every curve, every design highlight, and flaw, and read about their construction.

Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection | Written by Lukasz Liszko, Ryan Valle, Daniel Wallace

Star Wars The Lightsaber Collection

The introduction to the book speaks of George Lucas’ particular idea of arming Obi-Wan Kenobi with a specific weapon. Lucas introduced to us, through Kenobi’s dialogue that he was a former Jedi Knight, one who fought alongside other such knights over the years before the Empire took over. Lucas had the idea in mind to give these knights their own ‘Swords,’ their Excaliber’s if you will. By doing so, he introduced to us somewhat fantastical updates to the old Arthurian legends, ones that we all embraced and kept in our hearts.

Star Wars | Defining Moments: Obi-Wan Kenobi

We come across the chapter describing exactly what a lightsaber is if you didn’t know. Everything that makes the weapon what it is is described here. Following this, we are told how a Lightsaber is created, from the basic parts down to the crystal that powers it. Other parts go into The Jedi Tradition, the Lightsaber Design itself, Lightsaber Training, and Lightsaber Combat. Through these brief but enlightening pages, everything the reader requires to know is delivered to them in concise, detailed wording alongside illustrations and photographs to emphasize the facts that we are given. Reproduced photos of Darth Vader From ‘Rogue One‘ and of Rey clutching Anakin’s/ Luke’s Blue lightsaber in her hands, standing in a battle-ready pose adorn two pages here. We read and discover all we can before we take a deep breath and turn over to see all the different kinds we will or have encountered throughout the years.


First up, we have the section devoted to the ‘Jedi Of The Galactic Republic‘. Throughout this section, we will see many different kinds of Lightsabers including Aayla Secura‘s Blue bladed version, Ahsoka Tano‘s green blades from The Clone Wars, and her white blades from the Rebellion era, Cin Drallig‘s green blade, Jocasta Nu‘s weapon, The Jedi Temple Guard with their double-bladed yellow sabers, Lord Corvax‘s ‘Protosaber’ from the ‘Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series‘ experience, Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s Padawan blade, and his Jedi Master version, the traitorous Pong Krell and his pair of double-bladed weapons are here, The evolution of the Skywalker lightsaber is covered, Sifo-Dyas makes an appearance to show us his weapon of choice. Even Terra Sinube gets to demonstrate his blade to us in a wonderful and fascinating first part of the book.


Next, we come to the ‘Acolytes Of The Dark Side‘. We open with, of course, the Darksaber itself. This weapon, forged by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi Knight, the section discusses the history of the weapon and its differences from the traditional Jedi version. A brief rundown of who has possessed it over the years is completed with mention of Moff Gideon, who now wields the weapon as we saw at the end of the first season of ‘The Mandalorian‘ TV show. Darth Maul is up next and it is here we will discover the secrets of his double-bladed saber alongside his Imperial era version we see in the ‘The Clone Wars‘, ‘Rebels‘ animated shows, and its brief appearance at the climax of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘. Darth Atrius‘ weapon makes itself known and we are struck by the similarities to Kylo Ren‘s weapon which we will encounter later in the chapter. Asajj Ventress and her pair of deadly blades arrive for our perusal. Her Padawan blade also makes an appearance here. All the Inquisitor’s show off their sleek and deadly versions of the classic weapon. Even Dark Side Rey gets in on the act as her double-bladed, hinged weapon is displayed.


We come upon our final section which is dedicated to ‘A New Jedi Tradition‘. We will encounter many different varieties of Lightsabers throughout the pages. We start with a young and innocent Ben Solo and his original blue blade. Upon looking at this variant, only briefly glimpsed in ‘The Last Jedi‘, we discover that the saber will eventually become part of the cross bladed weapon he will carry when he reinvents himself as the villainous Kylo Ren.


Kanan Jarrus displays his version of the Jedi weapon next followed by Ezra Bridger and his versions. We see Leia Organa Solo‘s choice of design, one we will see on occasion during the later parts of ‘The Rise Of Skywalker‘ before we round out our journey through the ages with our final offering of Rey Skywalker‘s version, made from the staff she has carried with her during the entire sequel trilogy and containing a yellow crystal and blade within. We now turn over where we are shown each weapon again in a wonderful final display.



The book is one that I can see myself constantly going back to on regular occasions. I have my favorite ‘Star Wars‘ books based on what we see on screen during the movies and this is one that fits in easily to that category. It is not only informative, great to look at, and read but is a great reference book for those times when you need to check or double-check your facts. Plus it adds a different level to all manner of books that have gone before it.


For those who are unaware of some of the characters contained within the pages of the book or by the names, the text descriptions are a great deal of help and bring forward that vital piece of information missing from your knowledge. I cannot fault the book in any way and can say without prejudice that it will certainly become one of the go-to books in my entire collection and library. I highly recommend it to all Star Wars fans and especially to those who have a strong interest in the Jedi and the Sith weapons. For those of you out there who this calls out to, then this book is for you!

Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection by Lukasz Liszko, Ryan Valle, and Daniel Wallace is published by Titan Books and is available to buy NOW!


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Editors Note | A big thank you to our friends at Titan Books for sending over our advance review copy.



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