Feast your eyes on these glorious packaging images of the new TMNT Double-Pack from NECA

Just days after revealing the final packaging for the upcoming TMNT II; The Secret of the Ooze Tokka and Rahzar twin-pack, NECA has unveiled the final packaging images for their hotly-anticipated Splinter and Shredder set.

The awesome set is a Walmart Exclusive in the US and appears to be a straight repack of the individual figures released back in the summer. As expected, the twin-pack comes with a plethora of accessories. Splinter includes swap out hands, slippers, nunchucks, pizza, and a mutagen canister. The Shredder includes interchangeable hands, a removable cape, a knife with a sheath, and a staff.

Check out the awesome final packaging below:

This set represents another chance for fans to add these wonderful figures to their collections. They are expected to be hitting the shelves any day now.  And with April O’Neill confirmed to be heading our way sometime in 2021, the future of the TMNT line is in very safe hands.

Happy toy hunting!


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Source: NECA


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