Max shares his enthusiasm for The Big Bang Theory‘s ultimate spin-off!

The Big Bang Theory was one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. It ended after its 12th season last year and I miss looking through the world through the eyes of those funny geniuses and while I might not even remotely be a genius; I relate to the guys as I am awkward and nerdy and love all the stuff they love. Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter you name it. The arguably main but undoubtedly most famous character is Sheldon Cooper. He is a wunderkind theoretical physicist who attended college at age 11 and has an IQ of 187 and has an eidetic memory.  An eidetic memory is a near-perfect recall.

Anyway, Sheldon is so funny because he is too smart and displays many signs of social dysfunction and everything has to revolve around his ridiculous rules and schedule. At the end of the show, Sheldon and his wife Amy win a Nobel Prize for his discovery of Super-Asymmetry. We also see how much Sheldon has grown in relating to others as he dedicates the speech to his friends. The show then ended and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Big Bang fans did not have to worry as they then launched a spinoff called Young Sheldon detailing a 9-year boy genius Sheldon growing up in Texas in 1989. He is 9 but he is promoted to high school in his academic career. Jim Parsons (the actor who plays adult Sheldon) narrated the second show and one of the great things about having an “omnipotent” narrator is that it IS realistic. Sheldon remembers everything since after he stopped breastfeeding so he CAN narrate everything perfectly as his memory remembers all his details. Now one of the best things about Young Sheldon is that Narrator Sheldon relays all types of comparisons of his future life; even stories and events that happened after the main show ended.

Last season we learned that Sheldon and Amy eventually have at least one child as he recalls his wife in labor. This blew my mind when I heard it and thinking of Sheldon as a father just makes me laugh. Now on the season premiere, we also learn that Sheldon’s child is male and Sheldon tenderly named his son after the second main character Leonard. I don’t know about you but in the style of Star Wars, there is an original show, a prequel show; now there can be a sequel show in the future. I would LOVE to see a show around Sheldon’s and the other guy’s kids. It would give me an excuse to see Sheldon and the gang again and open his door to a whole new universe.


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