October 3, 2022

Can you have a bowl of Mon Calamari chowder delivered in the Star Wars universe?

If there is one thing I love more than science and tech in Star Wars; it’s culture. The Star Wars galaxy has billions of alien species each with their own cultures and with cultures comes a unique cuisine. In ‘Star Wars Bloodline‘, Leia and Han have a “take-out” dinner of spicy noodles from the planet of Ivarujar. From the context, I think Claudia Gray was making a parallel to the popularity of Chinese food that many of us enjoy on Earth. Noodles seem to be a big deal in Star Wars as in ‘Heir of the Jedi‘; Luke eats Kuophan noodles as well.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 'The Heiress' - 011
The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

There are 197 countries on the planet Earth and each has its types of food. Living in the Star Wars galaxy would be pure heaven as I am a foodie. I would have billions of different stuff to try and I could eat a new cultural meal every day for the rest of my life and still have an eternity of stuff I DIDN’T try. I often wonder if there are famous cultural foods like Japanese, Italian, and Chinese in Star Wars. I’m sure there are.

Let’s hope it’s more than noodles but a little less than living cephalopods in chowder like in The Mandalorian.


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