The ultimate version of John Powell’s Solo score is available to stream NOW!

It’ official. John Powell‘s Deluxe release of the Solo: A Star Wars Story score is available to buy NOW! The sensational 35 track score now comes complete with the extended end credits, Darth Maul’s holo transmission, and the pulse-pounding Mimban Battle complete with its blast of the Imperial March.


The score is available to BUY NOW from Amazon Prime Music, iTunes, everywhere music can be streamed.


1. Meet Han (1m1)
2. Bunk / Proxima (1m2-3)
3. Corellia Chase (1m4-5)
4. Spaceport (1m6-7)
5. Gonna Be a Pilot (1m8)
6. Empire Recruitment (1m9)
7. Mimban Battle (1m10a-b)
8. Blackmail (1m11)
9. The Beast (2m12)
10. Chewie Untamed (2m13)
11. Surveying Conveyex (2m14)
12. Deluxe Train Heist (2m15-16a-b-c)
13. Walk to Dryden’s (3m17)
14. Chicken in the Pot (3m18s) feat. Baraka May & Reid Bruton
15. Han & Qi’Ra Reunite (3m19)
16. Stormtrooper JP-054 Karaoke (3m20s) feat. John Powell
17. Dryden’s Patience is Tested (3m21-22-23)
18. Card Room (3m24)
19. Sabacc Game (3m25)
20. L3 & Millennium Falcon (3m26)
21. Family Stories (4m27)
22. Lando’s Closet (4m28)
23. Trust No One (4m29)
24. Oksana Floren, Yadaa Yadaa Yadaa(4m30a)
25. Extra Deluxe Mine Mission (4m30b-5m30c-31)
26. Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs (5m32-33a-b-c)
27. Savareen Tent (6m34)
28. Enfys’ Stand-Off (6m35)
29. Qi’Ra Knows A Bit More Than Han (6m36-37-38)
30. Double-Double Cross (6m39-40)
31. Dryden’s Long, Long Fight (6m41-42)
32. Maul’s Call / Parting Ways (7m43-44-45)
33. Lando’s Jungle Room (7m46s)
34. Sabacc Rematch / To Tatooine (7m47-48)
35. Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite (7mEC)


John Powell produced a score worthy of following in the footsteps of John Williams and this long-awaited expanded score is most welcome. Don’t let this sensational score pass you by. Order your copy NOW!


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