The Mandalorian Season 2 Vol. 2 (Chapters 9-12) Now Available To Own

Enjoy Ludwig Göransson’s score from The Mandalorian Chapter 9-12 right here

Just hours after the premiere of The Mandalorian‘s twelfth chapter on Disney Plus, composer Ludwig Göransson has posted the entire soundtrack from Chapters 9-12 to his official YouTube channel. Cobb Vanth‘s Story, Beneath the Ice, and the arrival of Bo-Katan are well represented and will be more than enough to turbocharge your Star Wars soundtrack collection.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Chapters 9-12 Soundtrack

Get your first listen here:

The entire playlist is available to enjoy on YouTube now!

And if that isn’t enough to have you dancing around like a Tusken Raider at a Krayt Dragon barbecue, the entire soundtrack is also available to own now on Amazon Music, iTunes, and everywhere music is streamed!

This is the way!

Source: Ludwig Göransson


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