January 27, 2023
Sideshow Collectibles Black Canary Statue

Sideshow has opened pre-orders for the sensational new Black Canary statue

After its big reveal back at New York Comic Con online, Sideshow has finally opened pre-orders for their impressive-looking DC Comics Black Canary Premium Format Statue. The upcoming release has been loving created in polystone and features fabric fishnet stockings.

Here’s the official line:

Sideshow presents the Black Canary Premium Format™ Figure, a powerful addition to your DC Comics collectibles.

The Black Canary Premium Format Figure measures 21.5″ tall, standing in a seedy back alley as she pulls on her gloves in preparation for a fight. The crumbling walls behind her are tagged with graffiti from the False Face Society, the notorious Gotham City gang that works for the villainous Black Mask. A purple glow permeates the pavement below, casting colorful shadows on her heeled boots and setting the scene for a metahuman brawl with this beloved Birds of Prey team member.

The polystone Black Canary Premium Format Figure features a mixed media costume consisting of a sculpted black and blue moto jacket and leotard paired with real fabric fishnet leggings for an added degree of realism. Inspired by her modern DC Comics appearance, Dinah has a stunning blonde portrait with a cool and confident expression, gazing forward at her foes and holding back her iconic Canary Cry. Her athletic physique reflects her martial arts prowess, ready for any challenge that comes her way.

Send a sonic burst through your DC Comics collection and bring home the Black Canary Premium Format Figure today.

Check out our image gallery:

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This stunning statue is priced at a whopping $550 and is expected to be released somewhere between November 2021 and January 2022. With emancipation high on her list – this is one Bird of Prey you won’t want to miss out on.

Pre-order yours here.


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