The Joker (The Dark Knight) 1/3 Scale Statue From Prime 1 Studio

Pre-orders have opened for Prime 1 Studios’ spectacular Heath Ledger Joker statue

Just days after revealing the exceptional looking Harley Quinn statue from Batman: Arkham City, Prime 1 Studio has revealed a stunning new statue dedicated to Heath Ledger‘s iconic Joker from The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight – The Joker 1/3 Scale Statue will stand at 29″ tall and comes with a tailored fabric outfit, moveable eyes, three interchangeable hands, and an assortment of moveable parts for the display base. The base features stacks of cash and a gasoline container. The Bonus Version will include the clown mask seen in the opening moments of the movie.

Here’s the official line:

The Dark Knight – The Joker 1/3 Scale Statue “Bonus” Version

Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway are honored and proud to present the latest addition to the Museum Masterline Series. MMTDK-01: The Joker, from the Christopher Nolan, directed Batman masterpiece: The Dark Knight (2008).

More than just a story of good versus evil, The Dark Knight was a film that shattered the box office in 2008, telling the gripping tale of the struggle between Batman and best supporting actor Heath Ledger as the Joker. The Dark Knight is regarded as one of the most iconic films of the decade and is often called the best Batman movie of all time.

We tried to recreate our version of Joker, a villain that has been obsessed with unstoppable madness, and the young, yet legendary actor, who played that mad villain. We focused on the lines from the movie and the reason why Joker had no other option to become who he is. Through this process, we attempted to deliver the message that he tried to send to us.

“Why So Serious?”

This breathtaking representation of the Clown Prince of Crime shows the Joker standing 29 inches tall upon an extremely detailed base inspired by one of the most iconic scenes in the film. He stands in a pose that perfectly conveys his personality and aura. We wanted to bring the REAL Joker to life by focusing on the character’s facial expressions and emotions to express the narrative of the notorious character. From his pose, clothing, face sculpt, and through to every single prop, we created an amazingly realistic masterpiece with various hidden creative details to make sure that the people can “feel” the whole story.

Our aim is for you to recall the memories and emotions that we all have felt while watching the movie. The Joker’s suit has been crafted and tailored to perfection with real fabric, making this the best Heath Ledger Joker in 1/3 scale on the market!

The likeness of Heath Ledger has been nailed in this portrait thanks to the collaboration with Blitzway. The portrait will also feature adjustable eyes, allowing you to express full creativity into your Joker masterpiece. We have combined our passion, concept, and dedication to this series to bring you the best Heath Ledger Joker on the market.

A must-have for The Dark Knight and The Joker fans everywhere!

– Statue Size approx. 29 inches tall [H:72.5cm W:40.5cm D:43.0cm]
– Highly detailed likeness & life-like hair sculpture of Heath Ledger
– Accurately embodied highly detailed iconic props and accessories
– Stunningly exquisite realistic poseable eyes
– Symbolic posture and realistic natural painting
– Perfectly designed and tailored of Joker’s original costumes
– One (1) designed theme base
– Three (3) Swappable Hand Parts with different expressions
– Nine (9) movable props: Joker Card, Knife, Machine Gun, Gasoline Cans, LED Illuminations emergency lights, Detachable Grenades, Bundles of Cash, Burned Money, Police Tape Lines.
– One (1) Bonus movable Clown Mask (Bonus Version Only)

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This incredibly detailed Joker Statue will go up for pre-order Tuesday, December 8th at 3:00 PM Japan Time and is priced at a staggering $1,499.  Heath Ledger’s Joker is expected to be released between July and September 2021.

Rejoice Gothamites, this incredible statue may hurt your wallet, but it is truly one of the most screen accurate statues of the late Heath Ledger ever attempted.

Why so serious?


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