December 8, 2023

Bo-Katan and the Night Owls boss the latest poster coming from ShopTrends

Just like London buses, you wait forever for one, and a few come along. Just hours after revealing the incredible new Boba Fett poster, ShopTrends have upped that ante by revealing a suitably awesome new poster for Bo-Katan and the Night Owls.

The Mandalorian Trends International Bo-Katan Poster

Plucked straight from Chapter 11 “The Heiress” (read our review) directed lovingly by Bryce Dallas Howard, the poster captures the moment when Mando, Bo-Katan, and the Night Owls plan their strategy to capture the Imperial transport. And, if you look close enough, an adorable little green alien is on hand to deliver the ultimate photobomb!

You’ve got to hand it to Trends, they know how to craft a poster – and with two more episodes yet to come we could be in for a wealth of Star Wars awesomeness in the coming weeks.

Explore the ShopTrends range here.

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