First Look | The Vehicles Of The High Republic

Feast your eyes on the wonderful new vehicles manifesting in the era of The High Republic

With Light Of The Jedi zooming towards publication like Slave-1 emerging from lightspeed and the announcement of the all-new Star Wars Acolyte series, fans are looking forward to immersing themselves in the timeline of The High Republic. Thankfully, is on hand to feed our insatiable appetite by giving us our first look at the vehicles of the era, including some glorious craft designed by Phil Szostak and Pablo Hidalgo.

The High Republic: Ships and Vehicles: Jedi Ships

With each new Star Wars era comes a fresh style of ship design and architecture. Star Wars: The High Republic will be no different. In designing The High Republic, Lucasfilm followed a time-honored Star Wars tradition: recycling. Almost every Star Wars production includes designs from something previously left on the scrap heap, and The High Republic has done the same.

The High Republic: Ships and Vehicles: Republic Longbeam

“Thankfully, I had already pulled together playlists of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of unused concept art images from across all eras of Star Wars filmmaking for another project,” says Phil Szostak, Lucasfilm creative art director.

The High Republic: Ships and Vehicles: The Nihil

“And those 15 or so playlists are broken down by subject. For example Jedi, aliens, droids, starfighters, etc. Due to the sheer volume of unused concepts I was selecting from, I used George Lucas and Doug Chiang’s ‘three-second rule’ to choose candidates that clearly and quickly read as potentially appropriate to each High Republic need. And those subsets of art would then get passed along to [Lucasfilm Publishing creative director] Mike Siglain, Troy Alders, Pablo Hidalgo, and myself for further discussion and refinement.” Both Szostak and Hidalgo are especially glad to have brought a couple of specific looks back from Star Wars design purgatory.

The High Republic: Ships and Vehicles: The Legacy Run

Head over to the official website for the full reveal. It’s a fascinating insight into what awaits us.


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