September 27, 2023

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled a sensational new WWE Classic The Undertaker – Summer Slam ’94 statue from Premium Collectibles Studio

I LOVE The Undertaker. I have followed his career ever since he made his first appearance in the then WWF right up until he retired last year. Mark Calloway kept me entertained for over thirty years and, like many of the fans of the WWE, I was sad to see him end his tenure but with thanks for everything he gave us over the years.

WWE legend The Undertaker has 'retired as a wrestler' ahead of WrestleMania


I own hundreds of Undertaker figures which I have bought for myself or members of my family have bought for me over the years. Several have been opened and displayed but many are still sealed inside their packaging, never exposed to the light or air outside the plastic prison they reside in. And they will stay that way, never to be opened, kept pristine and as new as the day I received them.

The Undertaker - Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has a great track record when it comes to making figures and statues. Their products can be pricey but the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every item cannot ever be understated. They are completely desirable, beautiful to look at, and represent the pinnacle of collecting. Their ‘Star Wars‘ collection is a fans’ dream. But they have just unleashed what could be their greatest figure yet.

The Undertaker Returns

Later today, they will open pre-orders for the WWE Classic The Undertaker-Summerslam ’94 1/4 Scale Statue from their Premium Collectables Studio range. Priced at around $650, this completely amazing and incredible statue is a WWE and especially, The Undertaker fans collector’s dream item. The statue features The Undertaker’s classic and memorable entrance from the 1994 PPV event.

The statue is a fully sculpted collectible that contains two interchangeable portraits. The first portrait has the character with his trademark hat and his classic ‘undead’ eyes while the second portrait removes the hat. The statue stands 26″ tall and comes on a base with The Undertaker’s logo printed on it.

PCS The Undertaker Statue


Standing 26″ tall from the bottom of the base to the top of his hat, The Undertaker: Summerslam ’94 1/4 scale statue possesses an eerie presence, his gloved hands outstretched towards his ill-fated opponents. The Undertaker stands on a black circular podium base measuring 10″ wide, accented with his namesake logo in purple. Beneath the black hat and the hair hanging in his face, The Undertaker’s eyes are rolled back in his signature sinister stare.

The statue also includes a second portrait without the hat, fully revealing his piercing Deadman gaze. The Undertaker: Summerslam ’94 statue features a fully sculpted physique and costume recreating the wrestler’s supernaturally unnerving presence in the ring. Inspired by the mysterious match in which The Undertaker faced off against his own imposter, the statue’s look is accented with his traditional purple gloves, boot covers, and detailing on his coat and tie. Every inch of this incredible wrestling collectible is packed with realistic sculpted detailing, from the fabric-like textures and creases of the costume to the buttons adorning his black duster. His purple and silver striped tie has a metallic appearance, completing The Undertaker’s iconic style in a high-end format.

If it’s a casket match you’re after, then call in The Undertaker: Summerslam ’94 1:4 scale statue from PCS for your collection today.


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Verdict & Pre-Orders

I cannot begin to describe how much I want this statue. It looks outstanding and the detailing that has been applied to the lifelike figure is amazing. I would love to have it displayed with pride in my home. Whether it is on my mantle or in a glass case, either would be incredible. I would love to get the statue, place it in a separate glass case and backlight it with a purple LED light to give it that final touch it fully deserves.

I’m currently counting my pennies. Why? Because I just have to own this incredible looking statue and I intend to preorder it the second it becomes available. And with that, my account will…REST…IN…PEACE!!

You can order yours from Sideshow Collectibles here.


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