How to style Spring. Po-Zu is back with a sensational new range of 100% ethical Vegan Fashion.

Vegan Fashion at Po-Zu. These are the top five trends to style your spring.   For the past four years, Po-Zu has been the go-to brand for Star Wars footwear.  Although their partnership has come to an end Po-Zu still has a lot on offer.


New For 2021 – 100% Vegan

I have recently been acquainted with the brand and thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces with you. But first I want to mention something that really excites me about Po-Zu as of 2021, their entire collection is 100% vegan. Ethical fashion has become fashionable itself recently so Po-Zu is a great brand to get to know. They themselves are committed to sustainability and say that:

Sustainability is a journey-rather than a destination’

I personally love the idea of a brand that is bettering its products and its environmental and ethical footprint.  So onto their products:


PIPER V Brown Linen | Po-Zu Ltd (po-zu.com)

Po-Zu’s Star Wars collaboration may have come to an end but these women’s boots are giving me all the Rey vibes. They are a very similar design to her boots in the films and the styles previously sold by Po-Zu. The lace-up design at the back means these boots would be best worn with skinny jeans or with tights as why would you want to hide the cute details.


PRE-ORDER – Po-Zu’s VIM Grey – Vegan Men’s Winter Boots | Po-Zu Ltd (po-zu.com)

These grey high-top lace boots are perfect for winter/spring walks. They would look great with both black and blue jeans. These boots have a high grip which is great for walking on grass or slightly rocky paths. They are of course 100% vegan and come in women’s sizes too.

FACEMASKS: Cotton Face Masks 5 Pack

Triple Layer Face Masks – Colour Stripes – 5 Pack | Po-Zu Ltd (po-zu.com)

Face masks are not only a fashion item but an essential right now. These Po-Zu marks come as a pack of five and you get five different styles. They are made with repurposed cotton and organic linen.  These come in adult size and are triple-layered. I love the striped pattern of these – plus if you are a fan of the striped shirt then you could match your shirt and mask (which would be super cute).

WOMENS: SNEAK Silver Apple Skin

SNEAK Silver Apple Skin – Women’s Low Cut Vegan Sneakers | Po-Zu Ltd (po-zu.com)

Okay, so metallic silver may not be for everyone but I personally think you cannot go wrong with something a little shinny. These shoes would be perfect for spring and summer and could be matched with most outfits. They are made with comfort in mind, they have memory-form soles which makes them perfect for long wear.


Po-Zu’s BUTTERFLY – Black – Low Cut Vegan Men’s Sneaker | Po-Zu Ltd (po-zu.com)

These low cut lace-up trainers are great for all seasons. I love the almost hidden pattern, it gives them a unique look without being too out there. The rubber used in these trainers is locally sourced and fair trade.

These are just my top five picks but Po-Zu has a lot more to offer. You can check out the full collection on their website, most of which is on sale.


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