Max explores Charles Soule’s Star Wars: The High Republic – Light Of The Jedi and asks the burning question … Why can’ the Jedi Fly?

In the most recent adult Star Wars: The High Republic novel, The Light of the Jedi, there is a throwaway comment on how that Jedi (except ones with wings) could not fly. I love exploring the limits of the Force and science in Star Wars, and always lap up the concepts that this civilization cannot do.

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi | First Chapter Revealed

Flying Jedi?

This one I find very surprising as even in Legends, Force Users really do not use the Force to fly like a bird. They can levitate sure, but nothing like the Z Warriors of Dragonball. So why is this so? Besides not overpowering the Jedi and making speeders and aircars null and void; what is the reason Force Users cannot use the Force to fly. In Dragonball, flight is a very easy technique to learn (in hindsight) and involves pushing the energy or ki out of you, propelling you forward. The Force can very easily be compared to Ki, and if a Force Wielder can lift a 2-ton boulder; it seems logical that they could propel a 100-200 lb. person (themselves) forward. What is stopping them?

First Look | The Vehicles Of The High Republic


Perhaps it requires constant energy and concentration and is dangerous since you could lose focus and fall. Yet Force Users are experts at slowing their falls… Maybe the act of flying creates wind resistance that can hurt a sentient being while moving and may very well cut them to pieces when they decelerate? Yet, some beings fly on jetpacks… I honestly don’t know why Jedi cannot fly.


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