January 31, 2023
The High Republic - Light Of The Jedi Review 2

Steve explores the bold new chapter of Star Wars storytelling and reviews The High Republic – Light Of The Jedi

In Star Wars: Light of the Jedi, a new dawn of Star Wars storytelling is upon us, and what better way to start things off than with a brand-new novel. The High Republic has begun!

Star Wars: The High Republic | Charles Soule

Star Wars The High Republic

I loved this book. It’s a great entry into The High Republic time period of Star Wars.  I have been a fan of the writings of Charles Soule for quite a while.  His [years] run on Daredevil and his run on Darth Vader from [years] are among some of my favorites.  Those putting this new Star Wars project together made a great choice in having him start things off.

Project Luminous

The High Republic previously referred to as “Project Luminous”, is precisely what Star Wars needs right now.  A new time period that fans know nothing about.  A time period away from the films upon which they have to rely.  It is not necessary for one to have read any of the previous Star Wars novels to understand the events or the characters in this book.

Those of us that have read numerous Star Wars books don’t know anything about them either.  It puts us all on equal footing.  The High Republic is, essentially, a clean slate in Star Wars storytelling.

Star Wars High Republic Featured


The new characters are fantastic. And Soule does a superb job of giving us just enough of a description of most of them to pique our interest in them and get invested in their legends.  I enjoyed that there wasn’t just one main character in the story.  I also liked the fact that, while the Jedi were very important to the story, he focused on others and made them integral to the book.

For me, I loved the new antagonists that were brought to the galaxy.  They are exactly what this time period needed.  It is effective in that it shows us that as powerful as the Jedi can be, even those that are not Force users can present a challenge to them.

Star Wars: The High Republic concept art - The Nihil


In addition to having a wonderful cast of characters, Soule presents a narrative that is also event-driven.  A disaster happens that has far-reaching implications for the entire galaxy, not just a small group of people.  With the exception of The Clone Wars itself, this is something that has been missing in Star Wars.

Another one of my favorite things about Light of the Jedi is one of the overall themes behind The High Republic.  It brought me joy that the galaxy is full of different types of people and it is this diversity that makes it strong.  I believe that this is an important theme that should reflect on the current society.  Diversity in society is important and Soule’s explanation of the Republic ensures that this diversity is essential to its existence.

Project Luminous Revealed - The High Republic


Expectations were high and this book certainly did not disappoint.  I am looking forward to reading more stories from this era and Charles Soule has set the stage (and the bar) for future High Republic tales well.

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light Of The Jedi by Charles Soule is published by Random House Books and is available to buy NOW!


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