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Sony Pictures has delayed the release of Morbius – Jared Leto’s Marvel vampire flick.

Sony Pictures has postponed the theatrical release of Jared Leto’s “Morbius,” the Marvel comic-book vampire thriller. The movie was scheduled to be released on March 19, but it has been pushed back several months to Oct. 8.

The film has been delayed several times already as a result of the pandemic that continues to grip the world, and this latest delay will come as a body blow to fans. 

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Morbius now becomes the first casualty of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. And this is a disastrous start to 2021. A year that the studios had banked on to get the industry thriving again. Sadly, this latest setback spells certain doom for the other big movies that are expected to be released this year. 

New Releases

Next up for release is Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon. Although the film is set to hit cinema screens on March 5, it will also be released simultaneously on Disney Plus. Tom And Jerry is still penciled in to be released on March 5, but that may change as a result. And The King’s Man is set to follow on March 12, but that probably won’t happen now either. 

Tom & Jerry (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

In conclusion, it seems that 2021 is starting as 2020 ended. On a damp squib. But hopefully, the vaccine will put an end to the chaos and get cinemas moving again. And I cannot wait to grab some popcorn and enjoy a new film on the big screen again.  Until then, the wait continues…

Morbius will now be released on October 8th. 

Source: Variety


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