Quantum Mechanix has added a sensational looking new Darkwing Duck figure to its impressive Q-Fig collection

Darkwing Duck is arguably one of Disney’s hottest properties. And Quantum Mechanix has unveiled a new figure of the character from their Q-Fig collection. Just hours after showing off their Rocketeer figure, they have posted a product page for Drake Mallard’s alter ego.

Let’s Get Dangerous

The collectible figure stands at 5″ tall, with Darkwing perched atop a Gargoyle, holding his gas gun, and his cape flapping in the wind.

Darkwing Duck Q-Fig

The Details

Unassuming citizen Drake Mallard appears to lead a normal life in his home of St. Canard, free of danger and excitement. But little do the city’s residents know, Drake Mallard is actually the fearless feathered crime-fighter Darkwing Duck! No would-be evildoer is safe from the terror that flaps in the night and no Disney collection is complete without the Darkwing Duck Q-Fig by QMx.

Inspired by the beloved Disney animated television series Darkwing Duck, the Darkwing Q-Fig features our titular hero as he peers into the night atop a duck-shaped gargoyle overlooking the city. Clutching his patented gas gun and dressed in his iconic purple costume, Darkwing Duck is every bit the courageous hero we need. Well, according to him, anyway.

Darkwing Q-Fig

Our daring Drake Mallard Q-Fig stands approximately 5 inches tall from the painstakingly-detailed gargoyle-themed base to the raised barrel of his gas gun. Darkwing’s oversized hat and flowing superhero cape have been faithfully recreated here, bringing your fondest memories of Disney Afternoons to life.

Relive the excitement and adventure of Darkwing in your Q-Fig collection with QMx!

The Gallery

This figure looks exceptional. QMx has a wonderful track record with these figures. Their Batman 1966 figure holds a special place in my collection. And let’s face it – who’s collection wouldn’t be better off for adding a little danger?

Source: QMxOnline


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