Star Wars The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet

Carl gets to grips with the impressive Star Wars The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet from Hasbro

Everyone knows I love Imperial Stormtroopers. It is a given that any new figure or item that I can collect regarding them WILL make its way into my collection. However, I never expected to be able to add the Black Series Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet to that collection. Although I wanted it and was desperate for it to join my ever-expanding menagerie of items, I didn’t think I could get it. Step forward my family, who surprised me at Christmas with one.

The Black Series Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet

Black Series Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet 002

Let me say now, that this is undoubtedly a jewel in the crown of my collection. It looks completely wonderful, fits like a dream, and is something to be admired and lovingly cherished. It is collectors grade quality, is completely movie-accurate, and has that bonus (if you so desire it) to change your voice into that of a Stormtrooper.

Black Series Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet 001


Personally, I haven’t tried the voice changer function because I prefer hearing the actual voice of my beloved Stormtrooper. But it’s up to the individual if they want to experiment with the function. The helmet comes in three separate pieces that gently combine to create the finished article. And it does require batteries (doesn’t everything these days?) but once complete, it becomes something of extreme quality.


The helmet itself is made of high-density plastic and although it is not weighty, it is more suited to an adult than a child. There are straps inside to adjust the helmet so it fits correctly on the wearer’s head and gives a comfortable fit. But finally, I can reveal that after looking through the lenses of the helmet, I can finally understand why my beloved Stormtroopers can’t hit anything! The wearer can see through the eye lenses but it does take some getting used to. Something the usual Stormtrooper doesn’t get a chance with. Because by the time they have, they are probably already being shot and killed.


Although I have worn mine to test it out, It will now go on display. And will become something that I gaze at and admire as time goes on. It will sit proudly in the glass case in my living room. There it will sit. Waiting for the day I have to put it on, grab my blaster, and head out to defeat the enemies of the Empire. Until then, it will be the jewel of my collection.

The Star Wars: The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet is produced by Hasbro and is available to buy NOW!


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