January 27, 2023
Commander Cody (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith) Hot Toys Review

Thomas enters The Clone Wars era to review the sensational new Hot Toys Clone Commander Cody action figure

Commander Cody is the first clone trooper figure joining the Hot Toys ranks with more to come later this year including Captain Rex. The figure is based on his appearance in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.


The box has the usual Star Wars collectibles design box. Black with a picture of the figure in the center. And an orange band with other pictures of the figure.


This one comes with 8 interchangeable hands, 4 holograms, a LED light-up feature interchangeable arm. A DC-15A blaster rifle, a DC-15S blaster, two DC-17 blaster pistols, a jetpack, Cody’s headsculpt. Batteries, additional hand joints, and a basic stand with a Commander Cody nameplate. The basic stand is the same used for The Mandalorian (beskar armor) and Luke Skywalker (Crait) with different colors. Revenge of the Sith only features Cody with his DC-15S. But if you’ve watched The Clone Wars, he uses other clone weapons. So I’m happy they included them! It gives you different possibilities for toy photography or simply for display.


This is another exceptional figure from Hot Toys and a huge improvement over previous troopers. Troopers like the First Order Stormtroopers and the Death Troopers. They used fabric for the black parts of the outfit instead of using plastic. The use of fabric allows for a better articulation range, just like non-trooper figures. This figure has over 32 points of articulation. So with the use of fabric, you can really get some awesome action poses. And the armor parts adjust as you move the figure so it works just fine.

The paint app is amazing on this one. I love the battle damage marks throughout the armor, it really feels like Cody has been on the battlefield! The jetpack uses a magnet system just like The Mandalorian, so it’s easy to remove.


Another easy thing to remove is the interchangeable arms. Unlike the Jedi figures. It’s easy because the arm also includes the armor so you don’t have to roll up the sleeves like you have to with the Jedi.  You simply detach the arm and insert the other one here. The LED light-up feature is pretty cool too. Just like for Qui-Gon Jinn, it’s nice to see different characters included as holograms. With Cody, you get Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, an Airborne Trooper, and Darth Sidious. You can use the holograms from both figures on the two different comlinks.

Finally, I want to talk about Cody’s headsculpt, it’s one of the best head sculpts made by Hot Toys in the past year. It looks like Temuera Morrison, just spot on!


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Hot Toys nailed it once again with their first clone trooper figure! It’s an amazing figure! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for our exclusive unboxing video.

Commander Cody is produced by Hot Toys and is available to buy now.


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