A new series of 3.75″ ReAction figures from Star Trek TNG has been announced by Super7

Set a course for Star Trek TNG mecca. Engage!

A new series of Star Trek action figures is beaming in from Super7. The ReAction line will be the home of an all-new range of figures from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


The line kicks off with 3.75″ scale figures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Data, Wesley Crusher, Guinan, and a Borg Drone. The launch assortment will be hitting shelves in the Spring.  A second wave will release in the Fall.


Super7 are keeping their cards pretty close to the chest on this range. They haven’t revealed ANY promotional pics for us to feast our eyes on. Only the suitably vague image which you can scrutinize below.

Star Trek TNG Super7


San Francisco, California – January 28, 2021 – Super7 is excited to announce that Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction figures will be launching this spring. The first wave of 3.75” articulated ReAction figures will include Captain Picard, Worf, Data, Wesley Crusher, Guinan, and a Borg drone.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation was a breath of fresh air, not just on television, but to my relationship with Star Trek. Suddenly, I cared a lot,” said Super7 Founder & Owner, Brian Flynn.

“From Picard to Riker with and without the beard, Data and Lore, reverse aging Guinan, Q’s infernal meddling and being way too captivated by any Borg storyline that ran through the series and beyond, I finally came to really understand the world of Star Trek in ways I did not when I was younger, and I can’t wait to celebrate that history with the toys that Super7 will be making.”


The second wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation ReAction is scheduled to follow in Fall 2021.

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic action figure of our childhood. The unique size and sculpting style was simple while allowing the imagination to go all-in on daily adventures. With ReAction figures, Super7 continues the classic action figure style while making the figures we wished we had while growing up.

To stay up-to-date on Super7, visit or @Super7 on Instagram.


This is sensational news. And fans of Star Trek TNG will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on these awesome new figures. Myself included. And let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want a new range of figures from TNG?

As soon as hear more about them, we’ll update the post. But with the release date not too far off, we’d expect some juicy new images to be revealed very soon.

Source: Super 7


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