October 3, 2022
Rege-Jean Page as James Bond

With Daniel Craig hanging up his tuxedo after No Time To Die. Darcie explore the potential for Rege-Jean Page to be the next James Bond

With Daniel Craig’s reign as James Bond coming to an end after No Time To Die – which will hopefully release in 2021. The hunt for a new actor to take on the role is well underway. Whilst rumors on who could take up the mantel have been spreading for months, with everyone from Idris Elba to Cillian Murphy under speculation. I think I along with others have found the perfect contender: Rege-Jean Page.

Who is Rege-Jean Page?

Fans of the new hit Netflix show Bridgerton will know exactly who Rege-Jean Page is. In Bridgerton he plays one of the leads. The Duke. The actor is in his early 30s and is a relatively new star. His acting credits including Mortal Engines, Waterloo Road, and For The People.

Why Rege-Jean Page should be considered:

From the moment I started watching Bridgerton I just knew he’d make a fantastic James Bond. He showcased an ability to act in a suave, gentlemanly way – with the charisma that James Bond possesses.  He also has the look, he is tall, good looking and young. Yes, I think the new James Bond should be younger (find out why below). His relatively small list of acting credits also appeal to me, I like the idea of lesser-known actors getting the big Hollywood roles – often these actors make the role their own in a way that comes off as unique and original.

No Time To Die (© 2020 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.)
Possible Introduction:

So how could they introduce a new James Bond? A younger one at that? Well, I have an idea, what if Daniel Craig’s Bond had a child with Naomie Harris’ Eve Moneypenny? and they called that child James and he follows in his parent’s footsteps. I know this seems far out but this would be a great way to continue the fantastic Craig legacy, but with a new bond.

No Time To Die (© 2020 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

This is only my idea but I honestly feel that Rege-Jean Page is the best name in the running right now. Although we really have no idea who is in the running – it is after all likely the identity of the new bond will be hidden until a huge announcement can be made.

Do you think Rege-Jean Page has the chops to earn his license to kill? Leave us a comment below.


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