NECA Toys has teased us with a new promo image for their upcoming Universal Monsters line. Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster!

Are the classic Universal Monsters menacing at NECA? The team has shared a promotional image for a brand new license. Hopefully, the first of many, they have shared the first image of their upcoming action figure of Boris Karloff‘s iconic Frankenstein’s Monster.

Universal Monster - Frankenstein


In the pic, we get our first look at this impressive 7″ scale figure. And for all intense and purposes, the design team has done a fantastic job. Boris Karloff‘s unmistakable facial features can be tricky to replicate. But NECA has knocked this one out of the park.  It looks incredible. And the figure looks breathtaking set against the classic black and white backdrop.  Check out the image below.


Sadly, NECA is keeping details about this figure, and any other characters they may produce pretty close to the chest. But rest assured, if they announce any more creatures from the classic Universal Monsters archive, you’ll be the first to know.

Until then, keep it real. And keep it Future of the Force.

Source: NECA 


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