December 6, 2022

Annlyel turns back the clock to this week’s episode of WandaVision and asks the question … what happened to Agent Franklin?

WandaVision has been quite the mystery in the last three weeks, creating more and more questions without exactly providing many answers. And now the latest episode, We Interrupt This Program, has made me ask a question of maybe the most chilling moment in the series so far. What the heck happened to Agent Franklin?

In case you’re unaware who Agent Franklin is, he’s the Beekeeper who we saw at the end of Episode 2. And who we now know is an agent sent in by S.W.O.R.D to investigate the anomaly that is the missing town, Westview.

WandaVision Agent Franklin


As Agent Franklin made his way through the sewer system to get to this strange town he finally arrived directly in front of Wanda’s new home and just so happened to encounter her from afar. And that’s all we know. He climbed out of the sewer, heard Vision say, “Wanda,” turned, saw Wanda say, “No,” and it cuts off there. What happens next? What happened to Agent Franklin?! Did he become yet another neighbor in Wanda’s creepy reality? Did she kill him? Or did she completely erase him from existence?

It may seem silly to get worked up over a character that isn’t even that important but this series is making every detail seem rather substantial, even the tiniest ones, and I’m honestly quite worried about the guy. I hope we get an answer by the end of this series.

What do you think happened to Agent Franklin? Leave us a comment and join the conversation below.


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1 thought on “‘WandaVision’ | What Happened to Agent Franklin?

  1. With the bees that were circling around him just before Wanda zapped him, I’m wondering if he may end up being the origin of the villain ‘Swarm’, who was a gestalt entity of a swarm of bees.

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