January 27, 2023

Netflix unveils character photos from their adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse Shadow And Bone books

If you’re a fan of Young Adult fiction, chances are you’ve heard of the popular Shadow And Bone Grishaverse novels by Leigh Bardugo. Netflix announced last year that they would be adapting the novels for a series named after the first book, Shadow and Bone. Additional material and characters from the second series, the high stakes heist Six of Crows, would also be included. The Grishaverse’s unique fantasy world is the excellent source material for a streaming series that can give it the time it needs without having to cut material.


For those unfamiliar, the Grishaverse novels encompass three series. The main trilogy, the Six of Crows duology, and the Nikolai duology.  Set in a fantasy version of Russia circa the mid 19th Century, Ravka is a country at war. Grisha are people with control over either one of three of the four elements; the ability to heal or destroy the human body; or the ability to manipulate metals, chemicals, and other materials. The Grisha are lead by the power-hungry Darkling, a young man with the power to control shadows and darkness. When a young woman unexpectedly finds she can control light, the battle for control over Ravka and the Grisha begins.


Shadow And Bone Poster 001

Shadow And Bone Poster 002

Shadow And Bone Poster 003

Shadow And Bone Poster 004


Netflix’s release of character posters and screenshots of the series has created a buzz among fans. They’ve definitely ramped up my excitement for this adaptation. My best friend from college and I are going to try to get an outdoor screening party together. We just need a screen. And a projector.

Netflix released images of Ben Barnes as The Darkling, Jessie Mei Li as a young mapmaker and “Sun Summoner” Alina Starkov, and Archie Renaux as her childhood friend and army tracker Malyen Orestev. The “Crows” will be Kit Young as sharpshooter Jesper Fahey, Amita Suman as the stealthy assassin Inej Ghafa aka The Wraith, Freddy Carter as the young criminal mastermind Kaz Brekker, Danielle Galligan as the Grisha Hertrender Nina Zenik, and  Calahan Skogman as the Fjerdan (think Scandinavia) Grisha hunter Matthias Helvar. There’s no casting or images yet for Crow chemist Wylan Van Eck, or the Tsar’s younger son Prince Nikolai Lantsov. However, Nikolai doesn’t appear until book two anyway.


Judging by the posters, everyone looks the part. From Inej with her knives to Jesper with his pistols. Ben Barnes might even make me like the Darkling. Saints preserve me since I was, and am, #TeamNikolai.

Shadow and Bone will release in April. With any luck, it will be a success and not end after the events of the first book.


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