January 27, 2023

Is Marvel oversaturating us with an endless assembly line of content? Max explores the dangers of Marvel fatigue.

In the ’20s, Hollywood is all about reboots, revivals, and SUPERHERO movies. A lot of media reviewers like myself, prognosticate and dread the “fatigue” that the oversaturation of a franchise can lead to. When it came to Star Wars, I felt there was little if no fatigue. Yet when it comes to the Marvel universe; I feel like it’s time to take a break.


Ever since 2016, I have become very jaded in my viewpoint towards Marvel superhero movies, because I feel the plots and character development have melded together into one big, repetitive gray mess. Also, they just churn these movies out on a conveyer belt with no break in between. As a child growing up in the ’90s, I always waited patiently for the next movie; highly anticipating something that will blow my mind. And it did. Every 3 years or so. Now I am in my late 20’s and it is a lot harder to blow my mind, and it doesn’t help that there are 5 Marvel movies per year with no break in between.

Black Widow in Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame (© 2019 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.)

Another thing I hate is that the people who make these movies feel obligated to insert humor into them; almost afraid that fans will not like anything too serious. Comedy in superhero films is okay (in moderation) but should be organic to the situation. Spider-Man of the ’00s was an excellent example of that. Nothing was forced to get a cheap laugh.

WandaVision Episode 3 Review


Everyone is buzzing about WandaVision (read our review) because it is “different” and I personally love different. I watch Assassination: Classroom for Pete’s sake! Yet, I just don’t have a desire to watch Marvel shows and movies anymore. I wonder if anyone feels the same way?


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