October 5, 2022

Max explores dentistry in Star Wars. How do Transdoshan’s clean their teeth? And what is Tooth Gel?

How do they tackle the complicated career of dentistry in Star Wars?

Sadly my current obsession since 2016 has been thinking about the wider picture when it comes to science in Star Wars. And I mean every branch. Despite popular belief, there is a ton of behind-the-scenes sci-fi science in Star Wars. You just need to know where to look. Yet, one that has been sparsely touched in both Legends and Canon is dentistry.

Star Wars Dentistry? 

Dentists DO exist in both the EU and NEU. Han Solo jokes in Last Shot that Pau’ans need to see dentists due to their sharp jagged teeth. A good portion of the galaxy contains species with teeth. So I’d have to imagine that being a dentist is a pretty good job in the Star Wars galaxy. You need teeth to eat so all species that consume solid food would probably like to have their teeth clean and healthy. Have I perhaps stumbled upon a gold mine career if I lived in Star Wars?

It would certainly be both harder and easier, as there would be billions of different types of teeth I’d have to learn to treat. BUT I’m also sure they have some kind of nanotech that could clean teeth more efficiently. And I might have a droid assistant which could be both good and bad from differing certain points of view.


This whole post was inspired because my thoughts are epileptic. And I just read about Pikka in Go Together 2, talk about brushing her teeth. I presume she means toothpaste. And this is confirmed as there was a mention of Zare Leonis getting in trouble for leaving the tooth gel uncapped. Tooth gel. I wonder what is created from? I have to assume it’s better at killing plaque than Crest or Colgate. I also wonder if missing teeth and cavities exist.

On Earth, we are working towards using stem cells to regrow teeth. Can bacta regrow teeth? I don’t think it’s ever been mentioned but I wouldn’t be surprised. That thing is a near-panacea! Anyways, I think dental care in Star Wars would be an excellent profession and I would love to see the inside of a dentist’s office in a GFFA.


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