December 11, 2023

A new teaser trailer for Godzilla Vs Kong reveals more monster mayhem, Kong trapped underwater, and Godzilla going atomic!

Get ready for an epic in every sense of the word because Godzilla Vs Kong just roared up some juicy new footage! Get ready for new footage of Kong trapped underwater, Godzilla unleashing his atomic fire breath and the epic showdown. Enough talk. Sit back, hit play, and get ready to rumble.

Every new trailer seems to deliver big action, and this one is no different. Godzilla Vs Kong looks like it’s going to be an epic in every sense of the word. And with a visionary director like Adam Wingard in the director’s chair, who would bet against it hitting the high notes.

Godzilla Vs Kong 2

As a massive King Kong fan, I cannot wait to see Godzilla finally meet his match. The king of the kaiju has had it all his way for far too long, and just like the classic Toho movie, Kong is back to reclaim his throne. And with MechaGodzilla potentially on hand to make the face-off a triple threat match, cinephiles are in for one hell of a ride.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Zilla, but in this universe – KONG IS KING

Source: YouTube


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