September 30, 2023

Will the ultimate clash between Kong and Godzilla end in the ultimate team-up against Mechagodzilla?

Mechagodzilla cometh!

Okay, I’ll admit it. After having a few days to digest it, the Godzilla vs Kong trailer is all I can think about.  As a lifelong fan of monster movies, Adam Wingard’s creature feature is the ultimate face-off. One that will determine the ultimate King of the Monsters. And for me, it’s KONG.

Godzilla Unleashes his Atomic Fire Breath in First Godzilla: King of the Monsters images

The mighty ape is the oldest movie star in Hollywood history and my introduction to monsters and mythology. Ray Harryhausen’s iconic creatures soon followed, but it was King Kong in the 1933 classic movie that first captured my imagination.


For the record, I’ve always admired Godzilla. Be he’s no Kong! So when the reboot of their titanic tussle was announced, I was ecstatic. But the trailer revealed a third contender for the tile. A contender steeped in Toho monster mythology. Perhaps Godzilla’s greatest adversary. The mighty Mechagodzilla.


It was a blink and you miss it cameo. But the mighty robotic monster is going to be a factor in Godzilla Vs Kong. Now, we know that Godzilla has been cast as the villain of the movie. The trailer reveals that much. But what could prompt this sudden change in temperament? Zilla has always been a defender of nature’s balance. Only rising from the depths to maintain order. So what dastardly deed could make him turn against humanity?

My guess is he has become enraged by humankind because some unsavory characters have created a new threat. The after-credits sequence of King Of The Monsters revealed the black market trade of Kaiju body parts. So, the smart money is on Charles Dance’s Jonah having harvested enough genetic material from King Ghidorah’s corpse to create a mechanical monster. One capable of bringing down Godzilla once and for all. Godzilla is aware of this betrayal and is on a mission to correct the meddling of humankind.

Godzilla Vs Kong


Monarch on the other hand has an ace up their sleeve. KONG. From the trailer, we can ascertain that Kong’s traditional “Beauty and the Beast” connection to a human female will play a pivotal role in the film. However, this time the connection is a paternal one. With a human child. With his connection to her, Kong has been cast as humanity’s last hope. But with the emergence of Mechagodzilla, Kong and Godzilla will have to work together to save the earth and restore the balance.

Godzilla Vs Kong 2


So far, all the paraphernalia associated with the movie has declared that ONE WILL FALL. We’ve all assumed that means either Kong or Zilla will be defeated by the other. But with Mechagodzilla added into the mix perhaps the tagline refers to his defeat! Of course, I’m just spitballing here. But all the signs are there.

Here are a few stills from the trailer revealing Mechagodzilla’s rampage.

godzilla vs. kong, mechagodzilla

One way or another, Adam Wingard appears to have crafted a sensational movie. One that will have us whooping with delight as two of the biggest monsters in Hollywood history go toe-to-toe and slug it out. Until a new threat emerges forcing them to work together to save the day.

It is a tantalizing prospect and soon all will be revealed. But either way, in the ultimate battle between Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla – KONG IS KING!

Godzilla Vs Kong stomps into theatres and on HBO Max in March.


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