Max explores the trailer for Star Wars: Hunters and shares his excitement for Lucasfilm Games’ new arena game

I am super excited about the new Star Wars game, Star Wars: Hunters! Arriving sometime this year this is a game produced by the tri-jointed companies Nintendo Direct, Zynga, and Lucasfilm Games. I’ve never heard of Zynga but everybody knows about Nintendo. It will be free to play on the Nintendo Switch and promises to be an arena game. Check out the trailer:


The word arena before the word game automatically perked my ears up as I have been dying for a Star Wars fighting game for, well, ever. Star Wars tried to do a tournament fighter but it didn’t work out so well… Now is the time for redemption and I have high hopes for this game. gave us a tiny taste of what to expect and the trailer makes me salivate for more.

It is VERY short but showcases some of the fighters we might expect to play in the game. Displayed as holograms we see a clownish-looking Force user ( with a presumably dark side affiliation due to the red lightsaber). He/she/they look like Harley Quinn had a child with Darth Maul. Next up is a Stormtrooper with a deadly repeating blaster, showcasing how rapid-fire blasts will likely be the bread and butter of the game.


Next is a Mandalorian with an armor design reminiscent of the Old Republic Legends Mandalorian armor. Hinting that perhaps this game will bring characters from even further down the timeline than The High Republic. Lastly, we see a mighty Wookiee wielding two scary melee weapons. It isn’t wise to upset a Wookiee and I’m sure he will be a fan favorite among players who want to use brute strength to win.

There is no official release date for it yet, but TFOTF will of course keep up to date with the latest news. It is free to download for the Nintendo Switch and looks to be a blast to play. Now excuse me while I go out and purchase a Nintendo Switch.

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