October 5, 2022
The Bad Batch Is Incoming!

Max looks ahead to the release of The Bad Batch and lists a few events that he’d like to see in the series

Among my colleagues, I speculated that The Bad Batch would hit Disney+ on May the 4th or Star Wars Day. And to my huge surprise, I was correct. Yet it’s pretty sad for someone to take pride in that. It seems extremely obvious. Anyway, I am SO excited for this show as I am going in with a clear indication of what I could be expecting.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'The Bad Batch'

The Mandalorian was like a blind date that led to true love but I couldn’t speculate on it with so many unknowns. Yet The Bad Batch is familiar territory and I am prognosticating all day every day on stuff that could be portrayed. Here are some ideas

1. The team will take on missions that will put them in conflict with Sepratist Remnants in the early days of the Empire

2. The team will compete for certain quarries with bounty hunters.

3. We will see them return to Kamino for some reason.

4. Vader will require their services to hunt rogue Jedi.

5. They will train future stormtroopers.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Distant Echo 3

6. We will see odd and strange new worlds

7. They will lose one of their members

8. We will see the oppression of the Empire on many worlds.

9. Echo will look for Fives and his other old friends.

10. They will embark on a mission that will change Star Wars forever.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | 'The Bad Batch' Clip
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Image courtesy of Disney)

What do you think? Did I miss anything.

What are you expecting to see in The Bad Batch? Leave us a comment below. We love hearing from you.


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