October 6, 2022

Annlyel looks ahead to the season finale of WandaVision and the long-awaited cameo from Doctor Strange

Will Doctor Strange – The Sorcerer Supreme make an appearance in the finale of Marvel’s hit series?

Next week is the finale of WandaVision. And judging by this past episode, it seems that the conclusion to this series will be just as epic as we could imagine. So many storylines are being set up, theories will either be busted or confirmed and the action will be top-notch. And we’ve still got that secret cameo that Paul Bettany was talking about!

But one of the things fans (including me) have been waiting to see in this series is the return of Marvel alum, Doctor Stephen Strange. Considering that WandaVision is setting up the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness it seems very possible that we will see the Sorcerer Supreme in this show but maybe not in the way we think.

The last two episodes have given us some pretty exciting mid-credits scenes that have set up some tantalizing questions for the finale but the final post-credit scene of the season will most likely give us a look at the future; hence the Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange (Image courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney)

I have a feeling that Strange will most likely be in an epic post-credits scene.  One that’s going to leave everyone rolling on the floor in anticipation for the highly-anticipated Doctor Strange sequel. So no, we won’t get to see him do much but yes, he will be a small part of WandaVision.


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