December 6, 2023
Hot Toys Spider-Man Upgrade Suit Review

Is the new Hot Toys Spider-Man Upgrade Suit from Spider-Man Far From Home worth swinging into action for?

Originally, the HOT TOYS SPIDER-MAN Upgraded Suit was set to release in 2020 but was delayed to 2021. It was my most anticipated figure and I’m so glad it’s finally been released. The Hong Kong release was two weeks ago but the international release with Sideshow Collectibles will be within the next two months as usual.

Hot Toys Spider-Man Upgrade Suit Review

First, let’s talk about the box. I love the design with Mysterio in the middle and inside his helmet, you get a promotional drawing of Spider-Man. All the Spider-Man Far From Home figures so far have this same design which is pretty great!


You get a lot of accessories with this one. A new Peter Parker headsculpt, 11 interchangeable hands, 2 web-shooters, 3 web-wings, 6 web effects, and Peter Parker’s phone. Also included are 5 pairs of Spider eyes, E.D.I.T.H. glasses, a drone, and a basic stand. The basic stand features a nice Spider-Man nameplate. And the top has the classic colors of our hero – red and blue with his logo and the movie’s title card. The stand includes a second part to attach the drone.


Speaking of the drone, it’s not up to scale, it’s a lot smaller. This one is to be used for background, unlike the drone that was included with the Home Made Suit. If you want a drone up to scale, you either have to get that figure. Or buy the drone set that will be released later this year.

I have to say Hot Toys have outdone themselves with the Spidey accessories this time! I love that they included all these different pairs of Spider eyes. Including the closed eyes to recreate the Peter tingle scene from the end of the movie! You really can recreate any scene from the movie with everything they have included! Like I always say with Hot Toys it’s all about the details. For the phone, they printed the conversation Spider-Man has with MJ at the end of the movie – “Don’t text and swing!”


Now, let’s move on to the headsculpt. Yulli has done incredible work once again! It’s spot on Tom Holland. I love the hair strands on the side. Plus including the glasses makes all the difference! But be careful when putting them on. They are made from hard plastic and could potentially damage the headsculpt. They even improved the head paint. It looks a lot more life-like! It’s hands-down the best Tom Holland headsculpt!

About the figure itself, Hot Toys has done an amazing job at getting the different textures of the suit. The red parts are a rough type of fabric while the black parts are a smoother type of fabric. Unlike the Iron Spider figure, they covered the head with fabric. Thus it blends more easily with the rest of the suit.


This figure has over 30 points of articulation. However, be careful when handling it. Do not display it in the same action pose for too long. This type of fabric can be damaged. I would recommend displaying the figure in a neutral pose or changing poses regularly. As for the web-wings, and they are easy to install. They attach with magnets.


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A must-have figure, the ultimate MCU Spider-Man figure!

The Hot Toys Spider-Man Upgrade Suit from Spider-Man Far From Home is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to pre-order NOW!


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