October 3, 2022
The Vow of Silver Dawn Conspiracy

Max digs into the Vow Of Silver Dawn conspiracy and explores a Star Wars story that may be adjunct from the overall saga…

Recently in Star Wars, The High Republic publishing event was launched, bringing us into a new era of Star Wars stories. The High Republic takes place 200 before The Phantom Menace and so far it’s had a B grade in terms of quality.

Star Wars: The High Republic Release Schedule

Now, China has always had a problem with Star Wars. The franchise has always underperformed there.  So to remedy this, Disney commissioned an entry of The High Republic in the form of a Chinese-only novel. Translated as The Vow of Silver Dawn, it stars a Jedi Knight named Sean who must bring peace to the Heaven and Earth system. Huh? Is this a Star Wars novel or the ramblings of a lunatic?


I am unable to read Mandarin so I could not rate and review this book. Yet, I have recently taken to surfing Wookieepedia again (the Star Wars wiki) and I am learning bits and pieces of this tale. The stuff I am learning just makes me angrier and angrier. It is evident that whoever wrote this, did not look at Star Wars as a whole. Everything is off. Earth and Heaven are not Star Wars concepts. Sean is not a Star Wars name. This book is blasphemous. And it feels like a desperate attempt to get the Chinese to embrace Star Wars. I also have heard that the plot has no direction as well.

What’s worse is that this story is considered canon. BUT it’s been distanced from the main storyline because it takes place at the end of The High Republic era. Roughly 100 years after the High Republic opening title; Light of the Jedi. They didn’t even have the foresight to link it up with everything else. I have been told by a trusted source that I should not expect it to connect to other future storylines. Good! Yet, is this truly canon? It’s been said to be but things could change down the line as it often does in Star Wars. I hope so.

The Vow of Silver Dawn Conspiracy


I got excited when an iteration of Human Replica Droids appeared but now, I must take this with a grain of space salt. Anyway, I feel this book should not exist, and trying to make a foothold in China is not the most important thing. Golden Globe winner John Boyega was reportedly mistreated by China. His character was minimized on the official poster for The Force Awakens.

As for Silver Dawn; let’s put it in the trash compactor and pretend it never existed.

Are you interested in reading The Vow of Silver Dawn? Should the book be limited to China? Share your thoughts in the comments section. We love hearing from you.


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